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Duvets heavenly soft and fluffy...

Snuggle beneath the light, cozy warmth of one of our ROM down comforters. We use only the finest, fluffiest, longest lasting down. You can feel the difference !

We offer a light down comforter, medium down comforter and ultra down comforter in a range of fill power. Known for our supreme loft, ROM entry-level goose down comforters have a 600 fill power that is all but unmatched. Our down is from Masuria (Poland), Siberian and Hungarian white goose down the purest down there is to create the best down comforters and bedding possible.

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Medium down comforters provide year-round warmth in a range of climates. Designed for cool nights and summer evenings, they appeal to a wide variety of tastes.  The patented nodes stitching system allows the goose downs to extend to its very best volume distributed in 4 different chambers in order to make you benefit from its lightness, softness and insulation capabilties. Also, the stitching allows to increase or decrease the filling weight after you purchased the duvet if in order to fit entirely your needs. Please contact aftersales@janrom to know how. We offer also a traditional cleaning service where the downs are completely undusted outside the fabric after 5-10 years. The empty fabric is washed at 60C and everthing is put back without use of any harmful dry cleaning chemicals...

width x length

135 x 210 cm
155 x 220 cm
200 x 200 cm
200 x 220 cm
240 x 200 cm
240 x 220 cm
270 x 220 cm
260 x 240 cm
100% White Polish Goose Downs, class 1a

800 g
900 g
1.000 g
1.040 g
1.100 g
1.220 g
1.380 g
1.440 g


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Size and Filling

Sorry, not everything is available yet in online store... There are lots of qualities, sizes, stitching systems.
Please contact webstore@janrom.com for more advise or for any special demand.