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ROM proposes in its unique store in Brussels, rue des Petits Carmes, soft but efficient ways to tame and to manage our sleep. Mastering the art of the sleep, it is with wisdom and kindliness that they lavish their precious advice. Thanks to their highest demands concerning quality and to their perfectionism concerning proposed designs and lines, one can in all confidence, choose the bedding that is most adapted to his/her needs. The ranges of furniture presented are temperate, elegant and functional, and all achieved with craftsmanship in the most precious materials.  

Drawing again in the treasures of the nature, quilts, pillows and neck-rolls are warm and soft representatives of the virtues of different down or feather fillings, whereas mattresses and futons praise the merits of the natural products like the horsehair, the pure wool, coco fibers, or the natural latex. Elegance and style are also expressed by the superb collections of sheets and slipcovers made of linen, cotton, satin, Swiss cambric, as well as by comfortable thrown and plaids in the subtle tones, where pure wool, cashmere and angora are common materials. Most respectful of the quality of its products, the house of ROM invites us to the most beautiful of all journeys... to the dream world !

There are as many  ways to fall asleep than ways to lie down; some people stick to the unconditional bowl of hot milk or the infusion, others will prefer interminable readings or nasty soporifics that make the morning grieves... 

But, then, there are people that surrender without stratagem nor artifice to the sleep, and sink with delight, in a serene and repairing sleep ...